Sunday, January 2, 2011

Boring Football!

I am not big fan of American football but when Michigan college football teams are playing I sometimes   watch. My friend who is a big fan of football invited me to watch with him football games yesterday at his house in Ann Arbor. In the morning, I, super excited drove to Ann Arbor.  I wore proudly my spartan sweatshirt.
When I get there it was about 1pm and I sat in front of a big  65 inches  TV screen and soon the games started. I was rooting for Spartans, and  my wolverine friends were also cheering for Spartan which impressed me because I knew that Spartan and wolverine are bitter revels. My friend told me to come wearing Michigan’s sweatshirt but I said “today I am  coming wearing my Spartan  sweatshirt because they are playing bowl game, and they had share of big ten championship.”
Michigan State was playing against Alabama in capital one bowl game and University of Michigan was playing against Mississippi State in Gator bowl game. I was cheering for both teams, and I hoped they would play great game but that did not happen. When it was clear that both teams were getting a huge humiliation beat, I felt upset and I could hear my friends shouting.
I wondered what my mentor Jim who fellow to Florida with his wife to watch Spartan game would feel? My mentor is loyal fan of Spartan. I am sure all Spartan fans who went to Florida to watch Michigan state game did feel sad. I posted on my Facebook status (I wonder if Michigan's college football teams got drunk last night. They are both getting a huge humiliation beat.) Because I could not be patient to see both teams being beaten so badly. I hope next time; they will show a great game like they did past season.

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