Sunday, December 26, 2010


So I have been living in Michigan for a while and still never had the chance to enjoy the fun things that Midwest people do during the winter. Last winter was my first experience dealing with the cold weather. This means I ended up freezing everyday like meat in a freezer. However, this winter I was prepared, and I am now getting used to the cold even though I still get chilly. Last Monday I went sledding with my mentor Jim. I was very excited about it because I have never been sledding before! After eating lunch at Jim’s house, we drove to pick up his grandson, Gabe, who is 10 years old (you can see him in the picture below).

The age of this young boy and the way he sleds is very different compared to my age and the way I sled. He became my sledding teacher. When we arrived at the sledding Hill near Dewitt, we exited the car and grabbed out 3 sleds.
After sledding downhill for a little bit, we decided to go up hill. I tried to sled but do you know what happened? I flipped like Flipper until I was about to reach the bottom of the hill. When I was flipping, I thought I was going to break my neck or even crack some of my skinny bones. However, I did not feel any pain or get hurt because of the soft snow.
My mentor Jim is skilled at sledding and did not fall at all during our little adventure. Jim told me how much he loves sledding.

 He took me with him to go sledding because he knew it was fun and that I would enjoy myself. After having my first sledding experience, it is now one of my favorite hobbies. It was so much fun and despite it being my first time ever on a sled, I still think I did very well. I am planning on going sledding again before I head back to spring semester.

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