Friday, November 25, 2011

Issue with Sorenson ntouch

I wanted to share something that I encountered with Sorenson video relay service. I have always liked using Sorenson services until now. I use Sorenson Ntouch on my laptop. Since Sorenson updated the software last month, I have not been able to make calls. When I call people They can’t see my camera and sometimes I can’t see their camera. It displays black screen.

I emailed to Sorenson for support. I waited few days to hear from them. They emailed me saying, “ We have the option to remotely connect to your computer and configure your router when you authorize it to fix black screen, camera issues, incoming calls, and flasher issues”.  They told me I need to go to online support service and they gave me a pass code. When I entered the pass code to connect to online technician , I waited about 30 minus and still there were no one connected to me. I had to leave for a class so I emailed sorenson again. After waiting couple of days, they emailed me back for another pass code to enter. I did and this time I waited an hour but no one come out to fix my Ntouch problem.

I think Sorenson need to be able to fix video relay service issues and have 24 hours assistants available like other communication service companies. It is not fair for us to wait days to get help. They should have people ready to fix video phone issues. What I noticed is that they don’t have 24 hours technical assistant.  I have always been Sorenson fan, but now I am losing my hope for sorenson. I am a busy student and I am not as super free as they think, answering my emails every few days and making me wait for a few hours for a live assistant. Now I am without a video phone  for almost a month. I  know that Sorenson was the first one who invented the video phone and it had invented Ntouch which is much easier for me as a college student. But I just wish they would be more helpful when we need technical assistant.


  1. Yes, I have the same problem with nTouch PC then called Sorenson VRS tech support about it. After that, the support passed it on their advanced tech support.

    On November 2nd, I got the tech support's response, "Other VRS provider devices and software aren’t supported with Sorenson ntouch PC at this time. If you feel you’d like them supported, please email to ask they be supported."

    So I use Z4 from

  2. Baker Ali -

    Hello! As an anonymous mentioned that there is another video communication solution offered by The Z ( and you can sign up to download a free Z4 in your smartphone, tablet, and computer. I have several contractors who are also NTID/RIT students, they are readily and available to work with you at any time on campus.

    Sorenson isn't the first company to offer video communication solutions, there are a fairly recent discussion through blogs on Amy Cohen Efron under comments section. It would provide you a brief summary on earliest days on VRS industries.

    Should there be any thing I can help you with, please do not hesitate do contact me by email.

    Chad A. Ludwig
    Regional Sales Manager
    The Z | CSDVRS, LLC.
    Michigan, Upstate New York and Ohio

  3. I had same problems described above with Sorenson N Touch. I had it installed very soon after it came out.

    Did manage to connect to Sorenson Tech Support. They took down my issues and gave me a ticket.

    Surprise- they finally manged to call me back months later! I had gotten rid of N Touch by then.
    Very poor to NO Tech Support.

  4. Chad, thank you for the information. But I am still Sorenson customer. I had someone from Sorenson contacted me to fix my ntouch issues. If they don't fix it by this week, then I think I will have to transfer to other VRS providers

  5. Hi, I've been told that Sorenson would not allow any of us, Sorenson customers, to have a clear vision with other vp such as Zvrs, D-Link, etc. It only works from a sorenson customer to another sorenson customer. I've been thinking of changing because I'd like to be able to contact anyone who select a different one other than Sorenson. So sad that it has to happen in the deaf community.

  6. Yeah, I recommer to all of you can contact FCC about problem with Ntouch for black screen, block call with Zvrs, Purple VRS, and Snap VRS contacts but can contact Ntouch and VP-200 only and VP-200 can share with Zvrs Purple vrs, and Snap VRS but Ntouch not. Against Law for block with VP of any companies from 1984 ordered of law Phone can share contact any companies. please contact FCC there

  7. How to uninstall sorenson nTouch in PC? I want remove it. Tell me how?