Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flight Hostess Uses Sign Language

I was on flight from Netherlands to Sweden yesterday. I was  fascinated when the airline hostess used signs to give safety instructions. She used  sign language to show how to use each safety materials such as oxygen mask  and how to exist the plane in case of emergency. It surprised me how effective it was to give instruction in signs than spoken language.
Usually when I ride airplane, I never get to understand what they are saying. They always talk when they are giving safety instructions. I remember my flight from Philadelphia to Amsterdam, I was using my Iphone and the airline hostess come and told me to turn  it off. I know usually airlines ask their passengers to turn off their electronics  when the plane is taking off or landing, but how could I know when and when not  to turn my phone off? When the plane takes off, they inform passengers by microphone that they can use their phones and electronics  now. But deaf can’t hear it.

If the airlines would use  sign language to give safety instructions would be helpful to everyone. Both hearing and deaf  people can grasp when the airline hostess uses sign to show how to use safety materials and in case of emergency how to exit from the plane. Most deaf people who travel on airlines, don’t have right like other passengers to understand safety instructions and in case of emergency how to exit from  the plane. I think airlines should give all their instruction on sign language and that would be easier and helpful to all passengers. Most passengers who travel on airlines don’t speak same language. Yesterday I  met  on the flight with  people who were from different  countries  who could not understand either English or Dutch. If they had not seen hostess signing, they would not have understood how to use safely material. Sign language is very effective language which can be used by everyone to understand each other.

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  1. I have been writing articles on my blog about experiences like this on the plane. It was very interesting to run into yours that is similar to what I was talking about also.