Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Never mind, never mind!… I am tired of being told nevermind. It just pisses me off whenever someone try to talk  to me and  I tell them I am deaf, then they said never-mind. What the heck is wrong with some hearing people?!! Do they think if a deaf person cannot hear them, he can’t understand them? I was just setting in RIT Wallace library and typing a paper on my laptop. Then a guy came to me asking something. I told him I am deaf, and asked him to type what he was saying. He looked at me strangely and said "never mind" and walked way. What the heck!!. I was  patient enough to stop my work and was  willing  to help him, but he replied never-mind.

Understanding  and hearing are two different things as they are two different words. We deaf people lack of  only the hearing, but we do have  understanding capability.I have experiences  many times a  stranger hearing person stop me  trying to talk to me or asking  me something, but when I tell them I am deaf, they just say never-mind and walk away. What does my deafness has to do with my understanding with people? I simply, can’t hear you, but if you want to talk to me there is a way we can understand each other.

Deaf people don’t tell hearing people never mind when they don’t understand them. Deaf try to make their best to understand hearing people by using any possible communication methods. I remember the other day, I was with my hearing friends, and I signed “I have to go  now”. They did not understand what I was saying so they were like, “huh?”! Just what a deaf persons feels when they don’t understand hearing person. I walked to my friends and  typed in my Iphone notes, "I have to go". I did not say never-mind. But it annoys  me sometimes when my close friends are  being lazy to type or write for  me something when I don't understand them and they say never-mind. 

The hearing people lack of sympathy. They don’t know that we- deaf people are just human like them. We are just missing one thing they have which is hearing. However, there is nothing wrong with our  human being. I was an event last week with a group of my deaf friends. There was a hearing friend who did not know sign language. My deaf friends were chatting in sign language. They were having a good laugh, but the hearing friend  was feeling left behind.  I looked and felt like what I usually  feel when I am around with my hearing friends who are chatting and having a good laugh, but  I don’t understand anything about their conversation. When I saw that my hearing friend was feeling left behind, I interrupted my deaf friends and told them that they should include the conversation with the hearing friend. I asked them how they would have felt if they were with hearing people and not understand their conversation?

Hearing people need to understand that deafness does not make anyone different. if you are hearing person and become deaf tomorrow, would that make you a different person? You don’t walk on people and interrupt their work and when they try to help you tell them never-mind. This is unacceptable. Let me be clear those immature  hearing people out there; Deaf people lack only the sense of hearing, but they do have whatever else you have. We are all human-being!.


  1. Hey Bakar,

    Finally you posted a post on your blog. I want to stop by saying Hi and how is RIT treating ya?

    Anyway, oh yeah I hate to be said nevermind whenever the people wanted to said something but ended it with Nevermind. I was like Really!? when will I know this information, you know? UGH

    Just do same thing to those people to make them feel or realized that they are stupid enuff to said nevermind, LOL! :)

    Bakar, I want to said something to you....um...nevermind. :P

    Great post, though.


  2. Hahah! TJ, you are so funny.
    Yeah man it is annoying me when people say Nevermind.
    RIT is going well. I am getting used to it, but still not like Michigan.
    You should write something on your blog. You have not posted anything like a century.