Friday, October 26, 2012

That Deaf Guy- Matt Daigle Presented at NTID/RIT Tonight

Matt Daigle and Bakar Ali
Matt Daigle, the famous comic deaf cartoonist  gave a great presentation at National Technical Institute for the deaf ( NTID) at Rochester Institute of Technology tonight. He talked about how he grew up and how he become cartoonist. He was mainstreamed most of his schooling. When he was young, his parents wanted him to learn lip reading instead of  learning ASL because they thought it was best for him. Luckily, he was later exposed to ASL and Deaf culture which he found to be  fascinating  method to communicate.

Matt graduated from RIT/NTID with degree in graphic design. He had a dream of becoming a cartoonist in his early teenager  but he  never thought that could happen. However, he chased his dream which is  why he is today one of the most successful deaf cartoonist in the world. His work is not just limited to Deaf culture, but he does a lot of drawings.

He shared a lot of his illustrations. The most important one that he shared was the symbol for international breastfeeding  that he designed . You can see it in the following picture.  He is advocacy for natural mothers breast feeding.  This symbol is used in world wide today which is very impressing. His wife and son had inspired him to make this symbol. He participated a contest with about 500 people and his symbol was chosen as international breastfeeding symbol. He feels blessed with that.

Matt Holding International Breast Feeding Symbol that he Designed

If you would like to know more about his work, his  website for his comic illustration is . or
If you have not liked his Facebook already, you should definitely click “like”. There are a lot of humor and funny cartoons and great comments from his fans. I like visiting his page and scrolling down with all those collection of comic cartoons.