Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Texting Ban in DR of Congo

One of my friends posted on facebook a link of BBC news which was about banning SMS (short message sending) a text messaging in DR of Congo. Deaf people in DR Congo now face difficult communications because their main communication which was SMS  is now banned. .

The government of Dr of Conge claimed  it banned texting  to  preserve public order" because they had been used to "incite ethnic hatred. I am surprised how that government decided to ban SMS for just security reason.  Why they did not ban other telephone communication? I just think this is a bullshit and oppression against deaf community in that country. DR of Congo is one of the most dangerous countries in the world and deaf people in that country had endured so much oppression, and now their government banned texting.

There are large deaf community in Dr Congo. According to BBC, “there are an estimated 1.4 million deaf people in DR Congo”.  Al thought I doubt about this estimate, I think there are large deaf community there . Now because of banning SMS, deaf community have no contacts. According to BBC, Pastor Kisangala, the deaf community's religious minister in the capital, Kinshasa says, “Our members are scattered across the city, some are ill in hospital, others are dying. Without communication we don't even know about it”. It is just heartrending.

I hope deaf community in that country will find a way to communicate. I just can’t imagine how hard communication they have to face because places like Dr of  Congo is not easy to find Internet.

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