Friday, June 3, 2011

Injustice Lay off

There is so much injustice in this world.  This  morning, I witnessed my coworkers being laid off  and heart broken. I have seen people who were  laid off from their jobs. However, It is first time it happened to people I work with. I do understand that companies sometimes suffer economic downturn which forces them to lay off employees. However, I think there should be a justice to whom to lay off.

I work for a company that make garments.They started  laying off people, because they could not get enough contracts. Last night, they had  barbecue for us. One of the company high profile persons came and told us that there will not be a lot of lay off in 3rd shift which I work in. They also told us there will be less lay off in my department. However, they started giving a lay off notice to some of our best team members one hour before their shift was about to end.

I was not surprised that they were laying off people. However, I was shocked that they told people only one hour before their shift ended that they were laid off. As I saw my wonderful coworkers who were hard working  people turned their faces down,I felt sad.  The people who were laid off  were hard workers. Yet, lazy ones were allowed to keep their jobs.   One of my team members ,Who never misses work. Who is focused on his job and backs up for other people were laid off. He was in probation and was trying to show that he finally wanted to turn over his life in a right way. He had 5 children whom he had to support. I feel like he deserved to be given a shot to change his life. Other woman who was most hard working individual were laid off. She is a single mother of 3 children, and she commute driving to work more than two hours everyday. She used to do a job that was supposed to do like 2 or 3 people. She is one of those people who will make u feel inspired when you see their hard work and how much life difficulties they have. She had multiple disabilities. I feel really it is a grieve mistake for laying off someone like her.

This world of capitalist is unfair. Companies hire you when they need you and lay you off when you need your job.  They care only profit, but not about hard workers and the right of employees. They could need these hard workers someday. I believe it would have been less stressful if they gave employees notice before they laid off.  


  1. Bakar,

    Good blog post you made! :-) I had to said I agreed with you on this, I would be very angry if they lay me off at the nearest end hours of our shift. It's unfair and make people feel like W.T.F!? Again, it's not proper to lay the people off without the notice until the end of the hours, they SHOULD give a notice like a day before getting lay off.

    All I said it's all b.s. :( Just wish us a good luck to see if we will get lay off.

    Thanks for the great post,


    P.S - Love your blog's design, it's awesome. ;-)

  2. Uh.. hm, actually it would be fair if those laid off workers were given two weeks' notice and a severance pay, not a day's notice.