Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Turn A Deaf Ear: A Great Book!

I just finished reading a blend of fiction and non fiction book  Turn a Deaf Ear which was recently sent me for free as gift by the publicist Darlene Chan which asked if I could read and write review about it. The book which was written by two sisters is mostly based on real inspiring stories.  The story begins with a little girl named Linda who lived in New Jersey.   Her father decided to leave her mother for his new girl friend he recently met. This begins with a long story of Linda’s life.   After her parents’ divorce, Linda, her brother and her mother moved to California with their older sister. One day Linda’s eldest brother Nick brought home a deaf friend named John. He was a good friend of Nick and they asked him to bring home one day. Linda’s mother who loved making Italian food wanted to share their food with John.  Linda gets fascinated by the method that her brother and John communicated- American Sign Language.  She falls in love with the man and his language (ASL). She notes about John’s language, “Although there were no words spoken, it was beautiful!”  Of course this is true about sign language. Most people find it to be a beautiful language once they start learning it. I have many friends who fell in love with sign language and chose their career as interpreters despite having other college degrees.  This begins with an inspiring Linda’s journey of love, excitement, joy and adventures.
 John and Linda began dating. After a year, they decided to get married. Unfortunately Linda’s mother who has never been exposed to deaf culture and sign language opposed the marriage. She argues how she would be able to communicate with her son-in –law and her grand children? Linda’s mother was very though mother who believed Italian Matriarch.  She always wanted to maintain dominance in her family. In fact the bigger fear that she had was losing her lead of the Matriarch family than John’s deafness. With Linda’s eldest brother and sister help, finally the mother accepted the marriage.
One day while Linda and her husband were shopping they would be accidently met by a doctor who had a deaf patient. Getting impressed with  the signing skills of Linda, he asks if she would be interested in working for him as interpreter for his deaf patient who is  named Molly. She was deaf and neglected by her parents and ended up in brothels in LA. After consulting with her husband Linda accepted to interpreter for Molly who had heart breaking story. Linda’s marriage of John and learning sign language now turns to be a career that she could pursue. During the time of the story, there were not interpreters agencies like today and most deaf people depended on friends and family for communication. Although the story was mostly based on Linda’s life, Molly’s story would be sorrowful, but enlightening. It would give you a picture what it would have been to be a deaf in that era.
The stories in the book and the way that the author’s wrote are something that you would not want to miss. It is something that you would enjoy with your free time. It is a book that covers everything about family, friendship, love, and trust.  As for deaf and hearing culture, the story in the book gives wonderful perspectives in both cultures. I am recommending that you read this book for your summer reading. I can attest that you would be pleased reading it.
The book is available in Amazon with really a great deal!!. You can look it from this link. about the book can be found on the book’s website Offer for My Blog’s Readers!The publicist offered  a free giveaway copy of the book for my blog readers in the United States and Canada. If you would like to enter drawing please comment here. The drawing will be open until July 25th . Only first 10 people would be entered in to the drawing. I will announce who won the drawing here. Good Lucky!


  1. Awesome post. Sounds like an amazing book that really relates to some of the interesting reactions when friends and families are of mixed hearing and deaf cultures. I'd love to enter the drawing but also just wanted to comment that is sounds awesome.

    1. Thanks Nicky. You have been entered in to the drawing!

  2. Nicole

    Congratulation! you are the winner!