Thursday, July 28, 2011

Signing At The Zoo

I have been having another lazy weeks. I  have not written anything for my blog for three  weeks. Seriously, I need to write more.  Last Saturday, I went to  Binder park Zoo. It is a large zoo in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Signers and other deaf awareness (SODA) student club at Lansing Community College were having their last event for the year. There were  a lot of sign students  that  came to the event to learn signs of  animals.  It was my first time to visit that zoo.

The zoo has a lot of animal and habitat. It  has a section which is called “Wild Africa .”   It  presents about African wild lives, culture and other things. We  took a ride on a wheeled tram to the wild Africa.  When we got to the Wild Africa,  I was surprised to see a lot of African cultures materials  such as; house hold stuffs and animals. My Friend Trent Wade joked with me  welcome to back to home.

In  the Wild Africa,I got a chance  feed a cute giraffe( picture below) . They have giraffe food for sell. So if you want to feed giraffe, you have to buy the food.I bought it and fed giraffe. It was freaking awesome. These tall animal which have tallest throat, I think also have long tongue like 12inch. I wished I could have some of those giraffe as a pet. During our Wild Africa tour, some  sign language students  learned how to sign giraffe.  

After the zoo, we went to a restaurant in Marshal, MI  because we were hungry after all day at the zoo. Unfortunately, I could not eat the food that I ordered;It tasted so horrible.  I had to pass it way and  pay for it. What made me unhappy about that restaurant was that, we could not find a place to sit as a group. They had an outdoor  tables, but it was raining and as soon as we sat on the table, it started raining. I would never go back to that restaurant. I paid for a food that i did not eat.

After an  enjoyable day at the zoo, I decided that my weekend fun was not over. Despite that I worked whole Friday night and only got a little sleep  before the Zoo,  I went to my friend birthday party and had fun  all night. I got back to home early Sunday morning. I could say that  last weekend was one of those good weekends for a while.

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